Greenwood Real Estate Scene July, 2009

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  With attractions like the Greenwood Park Mall and its recent expansion of outdoor shopping, Greenwood continues to attract interest for the Indianapolis real estate market. Up against other Indianapolis homes for sale, the Greenwood real estate market is booming and at this point appears to have felt little impact of the current economy as compared to other Indiana counties. Recently, a report was published by the Indiana Association of REALTORS® on Indiana is Home listing how the market looked for 98% of Indiana counties for the month of July, 2008 compared to July, 2009. Across the board for all counties, sales continued to decrease but there is reason to be optimistic because the decrease in sales is slowing down overall.

Johnson County, like Greenwood, did not feel the impact that the other counties encountered. July, 2008 reported 180 homes sold for Johnson County while July, 2009 showed 197 homes sold. With an increase of 9.4%, this Indianapolis Southside county has reason to celebrate. Median prices of homes sold saw a slight increase as well of 1.2% from $126,500 to $128,000. Greenwood homes fared even better with a whopping 35.6% increase in the sale of homes when comparing the two July months. Just over 100 homes were sold in 2008 whereas 137 homes were sold the same month one year later.

At present, there are 673 Greenwood homes for sale. If you’re inspired to either sell or buy Greenwood homes, it is helpful to know that you will be competing with homes that range from $27,500 to almost $3 million. Statistics tell us too that nearly one out of every five homes listed will presently sell. Compared to most parts of the United States, the numbers for Greenwood look promising. So, if you want to take advantage of this good news for Greenwood and are interested in buying or selling your home in Greenwood, here are three things you can look for in the Greenwood REALTOR® you choose to work with:

They are resourceful. At times, perhaps even more important than experience is the ability to find the right answer. And to know the right question to ask. Look for a combination of this kind of ingenuity backed with experience. Coordinating all the aspects of a real estate deal can be complicated so you need a well-rounded personality to get it all done.

They know your neighborhood. Drive around your subdivision or area and look for current REALTOR® signs. See who is doing business in your neighborhood and give these agents a call to screen them, asking them questions about how homes are selling and what prices your neighbors are getting for their homes.

They are good communicators. There are many agents working in today’s market so how do you know which one to choose? You can look at early clues like how quickly they return your calls and how receptive they are to answering your novice questions. A great deal of negotiating a lucrative deal is based on having strong people skills. How they treat you is likely how they will treat other people in the course of your transaction.

Indianapolis‘ Southside is continuing to grow and Greenwood homes are following suit. While the numbers are strong, it never hurts to be proactive about finding good representation when buying or selling your home.