Greenwood Market Sees 25.3-percent More Sales in 2012

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  Improvements in at least 3 major stats contributed to a Greenwood real estate market that was significantly improved in 2012 compared to 2011. In fact, the Greenwood market was among the most improved in all of Central Indiana. Starting with sales, a total of 1,245 homes were sold, or 25.3-percent more, compared to the previous year’s total of 997. An average of 104 closings took place per month in 2012 compared to an average of just 83 per month in 2011. During the final quarter of 2012 an average of 96 closings took place each month, or 37.1 percent more, compared to an average of 70 per month during the final quarter of 2011. In sum, there were 248 home homes sold for all of 2012 compared to the previous year.

Pending sales was another area of great improvement. The year-end total of 1,250 reported pending transactions represents a 22.4-percent increase in total pending sales compared to the 2011 year-end total of 997. On a per-month basis, there were 104 pending sales reported on average during 2012 compared to 2011. In yet another comparison, the average number of pending sales reported each month during the last quarter of 201 was up a significant 45.2-percent over this same quarter in 2011, or 90 versus 62 respectively. In all, a total of 229 more pending sales were reported for all of 2012 compared to all of 2011.

But perhaps the most significant stat of them all was a huge, 18.2-percent drop in the total number of homes listed for sale in Greenwood, from 7,976 in 2011 to just 6,526 in 2012. This translates to a monthly average of 544 in 2012 versus 665 in 2011. From October through December of 2012 there were, on average, just 465 homes for sale, or 19.4 percent fewer, compared to an average of 577 during this same quarter in 2011. Of the 6,526 homes for sale in 2012 a total of 1,601 came in the form of new listings. This represents a net difference of -143 versus the previous year.

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