Stylish Seconds

Inside Selective Seconds resale store in Greenwood

As someone who has been shopping resale for years, one of my biggest pet peeves is an unorganized clothing store. Searching for that perfect dress in a mass of clothing, without any idea what sizes you’ll find or where they’ll be, only makes the pressure of shopping all the worse.

At Selective Seconds in Greenwood, you won’t have that problem. The worst thing to be said about this local staple is that it may be too well organized. Not only are clothes arranged by size, but also by color and brand. You’ll always know exactly where to  find what you’re looking for without having to rip through a disheveled mess.

There is a reason Indy A-List named this shop one of the best resale stores in the Indianapolis area three years in a row. The prices are cheap, the clothes are high quality (some still have the price tags) and the place looks like a cute boutique rather than a Goodwill-style warehouse.Jewelry Rack at Selective Seconds in Greenwood

Open since 1997, this store has something for everyone, including juniors, workout gear and lots and lots of shoes. Clothes ranged from $10 to $15, and the store stocks all sizes and shapes. I have been looking at summer dresses and cream colored shirts lately, and I had no trouble finding at least three of each that I wanted to try on and buy.

I love to shop resale, because I know the things I’m buying are going to be different than what I’d find in a larger store. They have a story behind them, and a uniqueness you won’t find on a rack at Forever XXI. You won’t forget your experience at Selective Seconds, a fun, locally owned store with a great atmosphere, and you won’t forget exactly where your new piece of clothing came from.