A Tale of Two Health Food Stores

Earth-Fare-ProduceTwo Greenwood health food stores opened recently that give southside residents new options for grocery shopping. If you’re looking for organic foods, gluten free choices, and health living ideas, Earth Fare and Fresh Thyme are your new go-to stops. Both are located off US 31, near the Greenwood Park Mall.

Earth Fare features a heavy focus on local foods, with products grown and prepared within 100 miles of the Greenwood store to qualify for the local designation. Fresh Thyme bills itself as a farmer’s market, with an emphasis on farm fresh foods. Both stores have a healthy living focus at a lower cost than traditional health food stores.


Earth-Fare-Peanut-Butter-GrinderBoth stores also feature a fun nut butter grinder, where you can create your own peanut or almond butters on site, at a price so low, it’s nearly the same as buying a jar of peanut butter. They are creamy, smooth, and taste so fresh, you’ll never go back to buying a jar off the shelf. So, take caution before you venture into the world of “homemade.”

So far, Fresh Thyme has been winning on price, through deeply discounted, grand-opening specials. Where Earth Fare wins is a full deli and hot food bar, with daily specials that cannot be beaten. We love to stop by on Thursday evenings when you can get up to 6 free kids’ meals with any $5 deli purchase!

It’s our new favorite pre-sportsball dinner, for even less than the price of fast food. Plus, I know going into either store that I’ll be feeding my family quality food free of chemicals and additives. That’s something you just can’t put a price tag on.