Greenwood Market Sees 25.3-percent More Sales in 2012


Improvements in at least 3 major stats contributed to a Greenwood real estate market that was significantly improved in 2012 compared to 2011. In fact, the Greenwood market was among the most improved in all of Central Indiana. Starting with sales, a total of 1,245 homes were sold, or 25.3-percent more, compared to the previous […]

Greenwood Sales Up 12.4 Percent Versus Last Year


The Greenwood real estate market may have slowed down in September, 2012 in comparison to the previous month, but versus this same time 1 year ago, several unmistakable improvements were seen. Starting with our leading indicator of total sales, there were 109 closings in September, 27.3 percent fewer, compared to 150 closings in August.  But […]

Versus 1 Year Ago, Greenwood Real Estate Market Improves in June, 2012


In all, June wasn’t a bad month for the Greenwood real estate market. While total pending sales were down 28.3 percent versus the previous month, June’s total of 104 represents a 9.5-percent improvement versus this same month 1 year ago. Also, from April through June of this year there were, on average, 17.7 percent more […]

Greenwood Pending Sales Climb 48.2 Percent in May, 2012

After climbing 3 months in a row, and then falling inexplicably by almost 31 in April, the total number of pending sales in Greenwood rebounded nicely by 48.2 percent in May, 2012. What’s more, May’s total of 123 pending sales represents a 41.4-percent increase versus 12-months ago. And the average number of pending sales logged […]

Mild Improvement Seen in Greenwood Real Estate Market in January, 2012

In January there were 531 homes for sale in Greenwood, or 0.7 percent more compared to the previous month. More importantly, this represents a 15.4-percent decrease versus January of 2011. By way of comparison, there was a 2.4-percent drop in the availability of real estate and homes for sale in Indianapolis in January compared to […]

Greenwood Real Estate Market Report for December, 2011

Whereas there were 8.4 percent fewer Indianapolis houses for sale in December compared to the previous month, the city of Greenwood Indiana saw a somewhat lesser 7.3-percent decrease over the same period. Compared to last December, there were 16.7 percent fewer Greenwood homes for sale. View the complete, original article here.

Greenwood Pending Sales Climb 23.5 Percent in November, 2011

Whereas there was a 4.1-percent decrease in the amount of real estate for sale in Indianapolis from October through November the Greenwood real estate market experienced an even greater 6.6 –percent decrease, as there were just 577 homes for sale compared to the previous month’s total of617. Compared to last November’s total of 657 listings […]

Greenwood Real Estate Report: Total Sales Down in June, 2010

A drop in total sales comes as no surprise after the last month’s  pending sales pipeline was more than cut in half by the recently expired tax credit for new home purchases. In Greenwood, Indiana there were 25.9 percent fewer sales in June (109) compared to May (147). Compared to last June’s total of 129 […]

Greenwood Pending Sales Drop by a Factor of 3 versus Closed Sales

The total number of Greenwood homes sold rose 21 percent, from 119 in April to 144 in May, 2010. Compared to 117 closed sales in May of 2009 this was a 23.1-percent increase. By extension, the total months of inventory based on closed sales dropped from 5.8 in April to 4.9 in May. Each 1-percent […]

Greenwood Homes Sales Up 31.5 Percent in April

From a 1-year perspective, pending sales in Greenwood, Indiana were up 11.6 percent as there were just 118 pending sales in April of 2009. Meanwhile, the total number of pending sales dropped 5.8 percent, from 139 in March to 131 in April, 2010. This drop, however, was more than offset by a 31.5-percent increase in […]

Big Jump in Pending Sales for Greenwood, Indiana

With increases in both, the total number of homes sold and total pending sales, things were looking pretty good for the Greenwood real estate market in March, 2010.  Starting with the total pending sales there was a significant 55.7-percent jump, with 123 pending sales in March compared to 79 the previous month.  While the 1-year […]

Greenwood Real Estate Report

The number of Greenwood homes sold totaled 53 in February, 2010 compared to 50 the previous month.  While this may likely be the beginning of a sustained upward trend it is down just a bit compared to the 57 homes that sold last year in February. The number of pending sales also increased from 65 […]

Greenwood Real Estate Scene July, 2009

With attractions like the Greenwood Park Mall and its recent expansion of outdoor shopping, Greenwood continues to attract interest for the Indianapolis real estate market. Up against other Indianapolis homes for sale, the Greenwood real estate market is booming and at this point appears to have felt little impact of the current economy as compared […]