Smock Golf Course: Birdsong and Birdies in Greenwood, Indiana

The Smock Golf Course nestles just on the northeast outskirts of Greenwood, Indiana, a suburb of greater Indianapolis. It is renowned among the many wonderful central Indiana golf courses as a practically perfect golf course, beautiful and relaxing and with enjoyable challenges for golfers of all levels.

This 72-par course sports 18 holes, all in a setting abundant with wildflowers and birdsong. Golfers can’t help but come away rejuvenated from a visit to the Smock Golf Course, where there is always professional advice available from the staff. Classes are ongoing daily, in subjects such as chipping, putting, full swing and a bunker clinic. Time is set aside on Sundays for the Ladies Clinic and high school students’ supervised practice.

Junior Golf is big at the Smock Golf Course, where some 200 junior players gather every summer to hone their game and make the transition from student to full-fledged golfer. Many professional players come out of these intensive programs, but even if the junior student never picks up a club after he completes one, his character will have been sculpted and his confidence will have likewise developed.

Tournaments such as the 5th Annual Bad Pants Open are frequently produced at the Smock Golf Course, and the facility enthusiastically invites golf outings with groups of 28 or more participants.

Even though the Smock Golf Course’s address is officially in Indianapolis, capital city of Indiana, it resides much closer to the boundaries of Greenwood than the boundaries formed by the I-465 interstate that lassos the inner Circle City. This makes it a fun thing to do for Greenwood residents and a pleasant Greenwood attraction.

Smock Golf Course
3910 E County Line Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46237

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