Versus 1 Year Ago, Greenwood Real Estate Market Improves in June, 2012

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  In all, June wasn’t a bad month for the Greenwood real estate market. While total pending sales were down 28.3 percent versus the previous month, June’s total of 104 represents a 9.5-percent improvement versus this same month 1 year ago. Also, from April through June of this year there were, on average, 17.7 percent more pending sales each month compared to this same 3-month window 1 year ago.

The Greenwood market did not disappoint when it came to total sales. June’s total of 134 closings represents a nice 22.9-percent gain versus May’s total of 109. But when compared to last June’s total of just 105 closings this is an even more pronounced improvement of nearly 28 percent. The average of 115 closings that took place from April through June of this year represents an improvement of 21.1 percent compared to this same period in 2011.

If you were trying to sell a home then you probably experienced a bit of relief as there was a 1.6-percent drop in the number of homes listed for sale versus the previous month’s total of 623. But the biggest difference comes in the form of a 16-percent decrease in inventory in comparison to last June’s total of 730 listings. Finally, the average number of homes listed on the market from April through June of this year fell 15.5 percent relative to this same quarter 1 year prior.

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