Stout’s Melody Acres Farm

#GreenwoodIN – Take a trip on southbound State Road 135 in Johnson County and you may see a few road side produce stands dotting the landscape. Chances are they are owned by Randy and Linda Stout of Stouts Melody Acres Farm based in Franklin, Indiana. Then take a look at many local menu’s or food websites- you will see several examples of Stout’s Produce mentioned.

Stout's Melody Acres Farm

I have been a loyal patron of Stout’s for at least 10 years and exclusively buy my fall squash and carving pumpkins there. Not only do they have a tremendous selection, they also have the best prices I have found in a large radius around my house.

Stout's Melody Acres Farm

Offering up such vintage beauties such as Cinderella squash, Delicata (my favorite) as well as over 30 other types of winter squash, Stout’s does not leave you wanting. You can even find Cushaw, which I prefer to pie pumpkins for my traditional pie.

Stout's Melody Acres Farm

Melody Acres (Stout’s) has been a working farm since 1918 raising livestock and growing traditional crops. Being self-sufficient and self-supporting, what they raised was for their own use before transitioning to corn and soybean growth in 1967. Later in 1999, they began focusing their efforts on growing tomatoes, sweet corn, over 40 different varieties of peppers and expanding to over 17,000 square feet of greenhouse space.

Stout's Melody Acres Farm

Today, they offer mums, herbs, garden plants, tomatoes, peppers (so many varieties), summer/winter squash and pumpkins galore. From white to mini- you can find one for everyone. Some are pretty huge!

Stout's Melody Acres Farm

The last several weeks I have been making a lot of spaghetti squash dishes both at home and in my October IndyStyle cooking segment. This variety is a blank canvas and surprisingly easy to prepare. Split the squash in half vertically (from stem to bottom), scoop out the seeds, and place open side down on a baking sheet. Place about 1/4 cup of water on the sheet and roast the squash in a 350° oven for 35-40 minutes or until the flesh is fork-tender. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Once it is cool enough to handle, use a fork to scrape the ‘spaghetti’ strands to a serving dish. From there you can toss with a marinara, Parmesan cheese or browned ground sausage and shallots- which is our preferred treatment. It’s even tasty with just a bit of olive oil, salt/pepper, red pepper flakes and a dusting of grated cheese!


Where can you find Melody Acres?

They sell their produce at the Bloomington Farmers’ Market as well as the Binford Farmers’ Market in the summer months

Bloomington Winter Farmers’ Market and Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market in the winter months

Stout’s Melody Acres in is located on 1169 N. SR 135, & 5340 N. SR 135 south of Greenwood

Also- farm stand 4 miles north on 135 near Whiteland Road and 135.

They are open mid-April through October (so hurry)

Taste of Summer products HERE

Find them on Facebook HERE

Their website HERE