Mashcraft Brewery in Greenwood has Won the Hearts of Local Beer Lovers

#GreenwoodIN – Mashcraft Brewery in Greenwood opened after many months of anticipation in my house. My husband not only loves real hand crafted beer, but he also brews his own. To say he is a connoisseur would be an understatement. He is all IPA all the time. Suffice it to say he was looking forward to another brewery, one with an already great reputation, opening so close to home.

Mashcraft Brewery Greenwood Fun City Finder wall

Mashcraft Brewery opened in a location formerly occupied by a Mexican-style restaurant that I remember eating at in the late 90’s. The strip of stores it is connected to is predominately made up of existing businesses that have been in that location for 10+ years. Add to that they have ample (free) parking and you have a recipe for the perfect location.

Mashcraft is the brainchild of Andrew Castner, the head brewer, and a dedicated staff that consists of many volunteers. That’s right- volunteers. People who come in and share their love of beer, specifically Mashcraft beer, with the masses just because they want to. I love this. They opened in June of this year with the operational hours of 4-9 pm throughout the week. Perfect for a growler fill pick up on the way home from work, in my opinion.

But demand for their brew has taken off and they have now extended their hours to Monday- Thursday 4-9 pm, Friday-Saturday 12-9 pm and Sunday 12-6 pm. They are even starting a family night where kids are free to enjoy food and fun in the dining room area, which is spaciously filled with picnic-style tables.

Mashcraft Brewery Greenwood Fun City Finder

Andrew Castner has seen success with former employers Oaken Barrel and Ram so seeing the initial success of Mashcraft comes as no surprise to many. Beer lovers in Greenwood are certainly happy that another brewery has joined the fold with perennial favorite Oaken Barrel and relative newcomer Planetary Brewery. Further south of Greenwood is Taxman Brewery which also opened to rave reviews in September.

Mashcraft has a small menu of food at this time (I don’t blame them) with one item in particular that is made in partnership with local favorite Zoey’s Pizzeria- an Italian Sandwich. But your dining options are infinite with a carry-in partnership with nearby Zoey’s, Schezuan Garden, Four Season’s Diner, Hal’s Fabulous Las Vegas and many more. You can have your food delivered there or bring it in yourself!

Their beer is served at many local hot spots like Revery, Hal’s Fabulous Las Vegas, Stacked Pickle, Twenty Tap, Mass Ave Brewpub, Pizzology (Mass Ave), and more. Mashcraft also sells wine by the glass from local winery Mallow Run as well as occasionally South Cider from New Day Craft.

Learn more about their rotating list of beers as well as the original’s they founded the brewery on- the Red, the Blonde and the IPA. Visit their website for more information HERE as well as visit their Facebook page for daily updates.