Commit to Be Fit Program: Keeping Greenwood Healthy

The Commit to Be Fit Program is a tandem effort of Greenwood, Indiana‘s Mayor Henderson and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Several different areas and programs have been linked together to make it easier for Greenwood residents to get in shape. Whether attending a lecture from INShape Indiana, walking or jogging along the beautiful Greenwood Greenways, pumping iron at the Greenwood Community Center or simply getting out into the fresh air with just the baby and the stroller, there is something for everybody in the Commit to Be Fit Program.

Overseen by the Greenwood Parks Department, the Greenwood Community Center carries the bulk of the fitness offerings. Membership in the Center includes access to all the usual up-to-date fitness equipment, including treadmills, stand-bikes, weights, cross trainers and walking and jogging tracks. The Center also offers a gym for basketball and volleyball and an aerobics room, plus a skeeball and shuffleboard area and active and passive game rooms. Amenities include lockers and restrooms, all necessary equipment and even a kids’ area.
Classes offered within the Commit to Be Fit program include spinning, Yoga, belly dancing, aerobics, cardio and P.A.C.E. (Parent and Children Exercise). This last is a new way to enjoy your new baby: exercise with it! P.A.C.E. is a well organized workout that uses a stroller to get fit. And no day care is needed! Imprint the importance and fun of exercise on your baby’s brain early; it will stay there for life.
Greenwood Parks have a combined total of some 200 acres of green spaces, athletic fields and activity centers. Walk, jog, run, rollerblade or even swim among the natural beauty of the parks and recreation environments Greenwood maintains.

Other locales in the area offer get-fit programs that work in partnership with the Commit to Be Fit program. One is the Johnson Memorial Hospital in nearby Franklin, Indiana, which offers a stop smoking program absolutely without charge. The goal is to one day create a smoke-free Indiana.

For more information on Commit to Be Fit, please visit the program’s homepage.

Greenwood Community Center
100 Surina Way
Greenwood, IN 46143