Downtown Greenwood: Old Town Preserved

Downtown Greenwood retains a unique historic quality. The originally settled town of Greenwood, now known as Old Town Greenwood, is still very much intact. Brick buildings line the streets which are filled with charming shops and charming people. As an important part of Indianapolis history, Old Town Greenwood stands as a model of how the past can be enjoyed by people today.

Residents of Greenwood can often be spotted taking a leisurely walk down the original main street of Old Town Greenwood. With plenty of Greenwood events centered in the historic Greenwood downtown, it is a hot spot of activity for Greenwood people, particularly during the warmer months. From May to October, street vendors pack into the parking lot of the Greenwood Public Library in Greenwood downtown selling the freshest fruits, veggies and other delectable and homemade treats.

As the weather grows colder, Greenwood residents and visitors from across the United States take part in the Old Town Autumn Walk. This pleasant activity is a favorite of many Greenwood people during the Fall and Winter months as the leaves turn to bold reds, yellows and oranges and the crisp autumn air fills their lungs with fresh air. Downtown Greenwood also helps Hoosiers get in the holiday spirit with fun free activities in December. Old Town is filled with lights and transformed into a Christmas village of the old style variety. This fun thing to do in Greenwood contains great activities for the whole family.

The spirit of the Greenwood community comes alive in the historic Greenwood downtown. But only through the hard work of the Old Town Greenwood Association. Thanks to their tireless efforts fundraising, planning and organizing favorite Greenwood events, downtown Greenwood continues to thrive. For more information about the Old Town Greenwood Association, visit their website. And do not miss this historically preserved part of Greenwood to take in all of the sights and sounds from the past.