Greenwood Freedom Festival: Fireworks, Friends, and Fun!

The Greenwood Freedom Festival attracts not only the residents of Greenwood, Indiana, but also visitors from other small Indianapolis suburbs. Some of these, only minutes away, include Hendricks, Spring Hill, Imperial Hills, Critchfield, El Dorado and Stones Crossing, all satellites to the big city of Indy, due north of Greenwood.

The city is one of many in the area that is growing by leaps and bounds. And the Greenwood Freedom Festival is growing right along with the population. Over 40,000 visitors flock to the annual Freedom Festival there, a patriotic, three-day event to
celebrate the founding of the United States. This has been going on now for a quarter of a century, and the event continues to grow each year.

The Greenwood Freedom Festival offers most everything you’d want in a family-oriented event of its kind. Parades, live Indianapolis music, never-ending activities and a cornucopia of vendors offering food, crafts and other items, and a huge book sale by the Greenwood Public Library are just some of the reasons people keep coming Indianapolis festival.

A video of fireworks at the Greenwood Freedom Festival in Greenwood, Indiana
On top of all that there’s stuff just for Greenwood kids at the Craig Park Kids’ Fair, one of the largest in the state, offering games, clowns, prizes and inflatables.

Check out the “Show & Shine Open Car Show” in the Greenwood Community Center, a favorite among Central Indiana‘s many excellent car shows. And don’t miss the Greenwood Old Town Street Fair, where Greenwood businesses open their doors and entertainment runs wild for the community at large.
Fair-goers tend to bring picnics and blankets to stake out a space where they can listen to the Greater Greenwood Community Band‘s Patriotic Concert at the bandstand, watch the annual Softball Tournament, and yes, “ooo” and “ahh” over the fireworks that constitute the big festival finish.

Sponsored by the city of Greenwood and augmented by local businesses and an enormous collection of volunteers who work on the event year-round, the Greenwood Freedom Festival is one of the most popular public gatherings in the state.