Nightlife in Greenwood, Indiana

Southsiders who don’t feel like making a trip to downtown Indianapolis or Broad Ripple for a taste of nightlife can have their thirst for dancing, drinking, and conversing quenched without leaving town.  In Greenwood, Indiana, there are a number of bars and a few night clubs.

The biggest and most popular bar in Greenwood would undoubtedly be Peppers II on State Road 135.  Peppers has been a staple in the Greenwood nightlife scene for at least a decade, and gives its patrons more than a barstool and plasma tv. Peppers has several pool tables, dining tables, bar stools, and a dance floor.  Get there early to nab a seat for your Friday and Saturday night posse.
That Place, another Greenwood bar, provides everything you would expect from a downtown or Broad Ripple bar.  With Indianapolis music every weekend, it makes a great substitute for an expensive evening downtown.

Beer enthusiasts, start your engines!  Shallos and The Oaken Barrel provide not only a glimpse of the downtown/Broad Ripple scene, they give you their own flavor.  Shallos, a restaurant and “brewhaus,” has been giving people an excuse to get out and enjoy beer for many years. With possibly the largest selection in the Midwest, Shallos has only the best in imported beer, bottled beer, micro brewed beer and draft beer.
The Oaken Barrel has many beers brewed on site to choose from.  The ladies might have found a good selection in the ever popular Razz-Wheat fruit beer, while the fellas are gulping down mugs of Indiana Amber, an American amber ale.  You can’t go wrong with the food at either Shallos or Oaken Barrel, since they are Greenwood restaurants.  Their menu selection and the quality of the food is enough to make a pit stop.  Throw in all the beer one can drink, and you have yourself a fantastic way to spend part of your weekend.
What if you want to watch the big game and have a tall draft at the same time? Look no further than Buffalo Wild Wings.  Buffalo Wild Wings, commonly referred to as “B-Dubs,” offers ample seating, giant wall sized screens to watch the game on, and as much kegged beer and chicken wings as you can handle.  The price is a little steep, but the atmosphere is perfect for watching sports.
A little smaller, a little pricier, and a whole lot better is local favorite Just Wing’n It.  Wing’n It has been in Greenwood for many years and offers the best tasting chicken wings anywhere in the country.  Their sauces are of the finest quality, and will be sure to satisfy even the toughest of wing critics.  French Fries, served up by the basket, and pizza are also a delectable treat.  You can’t ask for much more than great wings, great sauce, and a great place to watch the game. This is precisely what you get at Just Wing’n It.

Peppers 2
299 S State Rd 135
Greenwood, IN 46142
That Place
8810 South Emerson Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46237
8811 Hardegan St
County Line Shoppes
Indianapolis, IN
The Oaken Barrel
50 North Airport Pkwy
Suite L
Greenwood, IN 46143
Buffalo Wild Wings
1077 N Emerson Ave
Greenwood, IN 46143
Just Wing N’ It
1675 W Smith Valley Rd
Greenwood, IN 46142